Artificial intelligence, virtual cards, and embedded lending will define the B2B space this week

B2B payments The past was defined by paper and process.

However, as the digitization of business payments continues to evolve, B2B payments are being defined by their workflows and data – both of which are increasingly targets of disruptive innovation that can automate rote tasks and unlock better Insight and efficiency.

As commerce enters the second quarter of the 21st century, there is a relative lack of payment demand for traditional solutions in the B2B market.

The top themes shaping the B2B landscape tracked by PYMNTS this week are the growing impact of artificial intelligence on B2B workflows, the adoption of alternative solutions for lending and payments, and gaining new efficiencies through digital business intelligence platforms.

Using AI helps unlock new opportunities in B2B

PYMNTS Intelligence Report”SMBs are racing to reach a tipping point in their use of artificial intelligence” found that 61% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are using AI arrive automation everyday tasks, and the market is responding to this need.

Account IQ Announced on Thursday (June 13) that it has received approximately US$65 million in Series C investment to support continued product development and Embed Artificial intelligence pervades its cloud-based accounting platform designed for mid-sized companies and nonprofits.

Epico acquired a roundabout on Wednesday (June 12) furthered its goal of providing businesses with “easy-to-use, practical, results-focused and… Responsible Artificial Intelligence”.

There's still Wednesday, Light Quietly showed up and announced an investment of $13 million Financing round Extend your AI-powered general ledger for multinational companies and reimagine the concept of enterprise resource planning (ERP) “from the ground up.”

PYMNTS highlights the impact of artificial intelligence, revealing how AI innovation is transformative Compliance management From passive discipline to proactive discipline, especially in the field of cross-border B2B payments.

Meanwhile, PYMNTS also dug deeper Partnerships In the B2B field, given Open artificial intelligence and applenew offers Artificial intelligence solutions.

Education critical for evolving embedded lending solutions

Karen Webster talk with pipeline CEO Luke Sayers and Victory Park Capital partner Thomas Welch Speaking in an interview published on Tuesday (June 11) embedded loanwhich has been changing the working capital solutions available to businesses.

“This brings the banking system into software that businesses can use Spending their time,” Walls said.

“For someone who never had access to capital but had an amazing small business, that's a powerful thing,” he added. “…That can be a huge multiplier.”

Eighty-five percent of small businesses use external capital for investment and development.

PYMNTS Intelligence Report”Embedded lending: a lender’s perspective” found lenders’ lukewarm interest in offering embedded loan options consistent with Small and medium enterprises' Interested in switching to the following providers supply them.

“Great appetite [for embedded lending products] In terms of SMEs,” Arvind RantaBNPL and Visa’s global head of embedded finance told PYMNTS in an interview published Tuesday. “We found that 56% of companies have Stable cash flow leverages credit facilities for expansion, with 43% of businesses investing these new credit lines in research and development.

Embracing alternative digital payments

Alternative solutions are also transforming and digitizing B2B payments.

Paul ChristensenCEO of B2B Payments Accelerator Too muchhighlighted the mismatch between buyer and supplier acceptance to PYMNTS on Tuesday. Virtual card For B2B payments, while 80% of buyers favor virtual cards, virtual card usage accounts for only 2% of their accounts payable (AP) transactions.

Christensen said the reason for vendor reluctance comes down to the fact that issuers, acquirers and networks don’t yet have the tools to improve vendors’ virtual card value proposition and to adequately explain or sell it. . and implement the product.

In response to this need, forward A new “Pay by credit cardoptions for its B2B payments platform on Tuesday. With this feature, small and medium-sized businesses can accept card payments for customers' outstanding invoices and pay business bills to suppliers and contractors through card payments.

at the same time, Dash Solutions Now in use visadigital payment network, Direct visa accessallowing Dash enterprise customers to send Instant payment.

B2B-focused digital platforms help unlock operating leverage

Air base Add to Spend Analysis and vendor management capabilities for spend orchestration software for mid-market and large organizations Tuesday.

Wednesday, braid added a partner market Its platform targets small and medium-sized healthcare businessesalthough regional bank Launched new digital payments solution designed to simplify Payment and billing Provides processes to its commercial customers.

Supply Chain Automation Company Good feeling New financing of US$8 million fundsthe company announced Wednesday.

PYMNTS explored on Monday (June 10) why all digital innovation Reshaping B2B payments will ultimately depend on the interoperability and scalability of payment systems.

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