New Modern deck triggers 500% increase in MTG card prices

this magic cards According to data from MTG Goldfish, the price of Pyretic Ritual has increased significantly, from $3.40 last week to $18.99 today. The reason behind the 460% growth is very simple. Like most of the price spikes we've seen this week, this was triggered by the release of Modern Horizons 3 on June 14th.

Originally an instant card from the Magic: The Gathering 2011 set, Fiery Ritual costs 2 mana but generates 3 mana. It turns out to be an important card in one of the emerging new decks in Modern Horizons 3: Ruby Storm.

Ruby Storm Named after the red card cost reducer Ruby Medallion, which was first printed on Modern in Modern Horizons 3, Ruby Storm is a variant of the older Legacy deck. In Modern, Ruby Medallion becomes a legitimate choice in Modern, along with the new Magic: The Gathering planeswalker card, Ral, Monsoon Mage – which we saw sales spike in last week.

MTG card fiery ceremony

Ruby Storm's game plan is very easy to understand. You can use cost reducers like Medallion and Ral, combined with mana makers like Pyretic Ritual and impulse draws like the new Glimpse The Impossible, to keep spells flying until you can eliminate your opponent.

The new Ral adds an interesting wrinkle when transforming into planeswalker form, letting you play a bunch of spells for free, but the deck's win condition is either Storm staple Shotgun, or the new Unstable Talisman, which can slow Slowly kills the player. Wish is also used by many players, allowing them to leave wincon in the sideboard to be taken out at the right time, as well as a host of other useful practical spells and answers.

Of course, this strategy wouldn't be possible without a high-temperature ritual to keep the mana flowing. Assuming you have a cost reducer on the field, this nets you two mana when you cast it, helping you keep casting until you win.

While it's extremely popular right now, it's worth noting that Ruby Storm has yet to be tested in competitive tournaments. We don't yet know how long this deck will last. That said, if no one plays Ruby Storm in six months, the current crop of sharp cards in the deck may collapse.

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