Domino's Pizza sign sparks outrage

Two billboards at Domino's Pizza stores have sparked a heated online debate about the horrific fees no one in Australia wants to pay.

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A photo of the sign was posted to Reddit on Saturday, sparking a heated online debate about Australia's surcharge.

Sunday surcharge and EFTPOS surcharge at Domino's stores sparks outrage. Photo: Reddit

The first sign said that on Sundays “we will be charging a surcharge of up to 10% on all orders to account for staff penalty charges”, while the second sign said a surcharge of 1.4% would be charged on all EFTPOS transactions processed in-store.

“Please note this does not apply to orders prepaid online,” the sign read.

Both signs thanked visitors for their support and said they welcomed feedback.

One Reddit commenter criticized the pizza chain, saying they should “either raise their prices to cover their costs or take the hit.”

The sign sparked online debate about the surcharge. Photo: NewsWire / Brenton Edwards

“Can we hurry up and ban surcharges like other countries do?” the commentator said.

Another called it “bullshit” but said, “At least they're acknowledging it with a clear sign.”

“Are you aware that this is now standard in most cafes and fast food restaurants?” they write.

“Blame the government and the banks, not the corporations,” wrote another.

As it turns out, the Sunday surcharge is nothing new, with a Domino's spokesperson confirming to NewsWire that the surcharge was introduced eight years ago, in 2016.

A spokesman said the majority of its more than 750 stores are independently owned and operated by local people.

“As many of us know, running a small business involves many costs, including providing quality products, convenient service and, above all, fairly compensating our dedicated team members,” the spokesperson said.

A Domino's spokesperson confirmed that the Sunday surcharge had been in place since 2016. Photo: NewsWire/Brenton Edwards

“At Domino's, our team members are not only the backbone of our business, they're also our secret sauce, earning up to 50% more on Sundays than they do during the week.

“As a result, in 2016 we introduced a small Sunday premium to help keep our rates lower on other days of the week to cover our high wages, which are among the highest in the industry.”

The Sunday surcharge applies nationwide, however the EFTPOS surcharge only applies in selected stores at the discretion of our franchise partners.

“Some of our franchise partners charge a small EFTPOS surcharge to offset the costs charged by banks and card companies,” the spokesman said.

“This is managed at store level and is always clearly communicated, with alternative payment options such as cash and online ordering readily available.

“We know every dollar matters to our customers, and we're committed to providing unmatched value and service in every Domino's Pizza experience.”

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