Millions of Australians are eating $7 meals

It's been a year since Domino's Pizza launched its $7 menu and since then, more than five million Australians have dined on it.

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'My Domino's Box' first launched in Australia in 2023. With thousands of possible order combinations, customers can choose one mini pizza and two sweet or savory side dishes from a wide range of menu options.

Sides include BBQ chicken meatballs, chips, mini garlic bread, hickory BBQ chicken wings, mini churros, mini Dutch pancakes and more.

My domino box is celebrating its first anniversary. Photo: Courtesy

There are now 4,400 options to choose from when combining pizzas, melts and sides, compared to just 600 flavor combinations at launch.

Since its launch, five million Australians and New Zealanders have enjoyed the dish, making it “one of Domino's best-loved lunchtime snacks in history”.

“My Domino's Box is testament to Domino's commitment to offering both variety and value beyond delicious pizza,” said Don Magee, CEO of Domino's Pizza Australia and New Zealand.

“Everyone deserves a treat – something with plenty of choice without breaking the budget. Why choose one menu item when you can enjoy all three? This is the ultimate pizza pick-and-mix.”

It's one of Domino's most popular menu items. Photo: NewsWire / Sarah Marshall

Alan Collins said customers love the bento-style boxes.

“Pizza is great, but personalized pizza meal sets are even better! These adorable and delicious customized experiences offer the best value for anyone looking for a solo lunch or late-night snack,” said Collins.

“The combinations are truly endless now, so as My Domino's Boxes reaches its one-year anniversary, what more reason to celebrate?”

Customers can order the $7 value box meals in-store, through the Domino's app or online.

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