Concerns over delayed opening of Domino's Pizza in Norwich

Judith Lubbock, the Liberal Democrat councillor for Eton, said she strongly opposed proposals for Domino's Pizza to open its Colman Road store until 4am every day.

She said she hoped the plan would have the same outcome as Papa John's on Colman Road, which applied for similar permission last year, and be refused.

Judith Lubbock is the Liberal Democrat MP for Eton.Judith Lubbock is the Liberal Democrat MP for Eton. (Image: Sonia Duncan)

“That's unnecessary,” she said.

“Papa John's tried last year and failed.

“I will be opposing the planning application on behalf of local residents who live in the apartments above Domino’s Pizza and in the houses to the rear.

“It would be really unsettling for them, especially if it becomes popular.

“The area is already buzzing with activity at any good time of the morning. We don't need any more people wandering around or the noise of delivery men on motorbikes.”

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But a cover letter submitted to the council in April by Pegasus Group, which represents Domino's Pizza, said the store has already been open until 4am “since being issued a late-night operating licence on 23 February 2024 which allows it to operate between the hours of 11.30am and 4am daily”.

When asked by The Newspaper for further information about its current opening times, a Domino's spokesperson said: “Norwich West is open until 11pm.”

Domino's on Colman Road has applied to stay open until 4am.Domino's on Colman Road has applied to stay open until 4am. (Image: Google)

“However, local customers who wish to order pizza after this time can do so via our website or app up until 4am and their order will be cooked and delivered from their local Norwich North store.”

“The Norwich West store has applied for extended opening hours and will now be able to fulfil all orders on its own.”

Norwich City Council is due to make a decision on the plans by July 29th.

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