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Homefront is our twice-weekly feature where we take a deep dive into the hottest rising and re-emerging trends, interiors and design tidbits.Last week, Domino's Style Editor, Julia, started planning her wedding gift giving.

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As a 28-year-old living in New York City, many of my friends are single (including me), but others are starting to get married, and this summer marks my first wedding season. I've officially become acquainted with the always-daunting wedding registry. Clicking through their picks has revealed surprising things I didn't know about my friends. It's the current state of their preferences, and a glimpse into their dream future. So, call me a daydreamer or a damn good planner, but I decided to create a rough version of my own. After all, I am the style editor at Domino's, and I curate gift guides for a living.

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Wedding gift mood board

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A wedding gift list is your chance to ask for those super specific, sometimes extravagant items you've always wanted that don't fit into your birthday budget. The best I've seen are Billy Cotton goblets, RW Guild scalloped dinnerware, and Mikael Verheiden walnut bowls. Read on to see what I'm bookmarking for my future self. If you're reading this as a newlywed, you might find something you like enough to add here. your registry.

These nine items are your wedding gift list goals.

  1. Any single woman with 27 other weddings scheduled will be happy to have a $39 option, and for my part, I want this tart slicer as much as I want Royal Copenhagen dinnerware.
  2. My parents were given an Elsa Peretti bowl at their wedding 33 years ago, and of all the gifts they gave, it is one of the few bowls I still own. The delicate fingerprints make it a pleasing meditation to the eye.
  3. Not only is this the best looking kettle I've ever seen, but its cone shape means water boils quickly.
  4. If you haven't checked out the new collaboration between Domino's and Heather Taylor Home yet, stop right now because we can't wait to receive the Tomato and Blue of the four recently released colorways.
  5. Spanish mohair brand Mantas Ezcaray makes the most beautiful blankets. This tonal striped blanket reminds us of Loewe, but at a fraction of the price.
  6. This new cocktail glass is the perfect mix of pretty and chic. Designed in collaboration with a Mexican chef and handcrafted in Italy, it has surely traveled the world and made it to my table.
  7. I love the rustic, vintage feel of Mepra pewter dinnerware, it looks great in tumblers for a casual picnic lunch or on the dinner table.
  8. I'm a big fan of splatterware (who doesn't love the Apulia-meets-Vermont vibe?) and this combination of butter yellow and forest green is just my style. Although it's technically a pitcher, I'd love to use it to hold fresh flowers cut from the garden of my future country home.
  9. I don't know if anyone would actually buy a hand-painted Royal Copenhagen dinnerware set for me, but it's worth asking.
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