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today, One correct pair, alias Tom Fleming former Beast Songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist releases new single and video “Be strong.”

Highly rated “Frozen Food Center” And a blissful life “middle age crisis”“Be Strong” is the third John Spud Murphy (Lancom, Black Midi, Caroline) A tender and thoughtful single produced by Fleming, it's the sound of a singer-songwriter finding new clarity in asking big questions about manhood and growing up.

“We searched the streets, we opened every door. They're all locked.” Tom says: “The cold night stretches out before me and is completely indifferent to you. Everything is quiet and everyone is gone. It'll take forever to pick up the pieces of everything that got me here, but you have to. This song is dedicated to Jenny, who showed me the way.” “It's about how true strength lies in kindness and that violence is worthless. It's a sweet song for sure, but it's heartfelt and it means a lot to me. It's a love song. Things change.”

Another collaboration Angus Ganage He also directed the video for “Mid-Life Crisis,” and his video for “Be Strong” is a heartwarming and clever piece that explores the interchangeable roles of puppet and puppeteer.

Upcoming live dates:
27th July – Wake Festival, Billinghurst, West Sussex

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