SAG-AFTRA announces George Heller Memorial Bonus Card winners

SAG-AFTRA has awarded the George Heller Memorial Prize Card winner in recognition of his contributions to the association and its members.

Sheila Ivy Traister, Michele Proude, Janice Pendarvis and Stacey Travis will This honor is awarded every two years at the Screen Actors Guild of America (SAG-AFTRA) national convention. National Honors and Salute Committee members from across the country select the recipients.

traitorHe is a former SAG-AFTRA National Committee member and a union advocate with more than 44 years of cumulative service to the labor movement. He has served on the SAG-AFTRA National Committee, served as Colorado local union president and is a current member of five national committees. Honorees highlight committees that have helped promote inclusivity in their industries and the labor movement and expanded equal opportunities in the industry, including for Asian American and Pacific Islander performers and performers with disabilities.

pride, SAG-AFTRA national vice president of midsize localities, has served on local and national committees and served as New England local chair. In 2019, she was first elected as National Midsize Local Vice President by SAG-AFTRA convention delegates and was elected to a third term in 2023.

Sheila Ivey Traister, Michelle Proud, Janice Pendarvis and Stacey Travis

Sheila Ivey Traister, Michelle Proud, Janice Pendarvis and Stacey Travis

Provided by SAG-AFTRA

ascetic, National Vice President of Recording Artists/Singers at SAG-AFTRA, is a singer and voice actor who has been fighting for singers’ rights, both legislatively and within unions, for years. Her top priority is creating more union jobs for SAG-AFTRA members — especially those who work in the recording industry. Pendarvis is currently serving his second term as Vice President of National Recording Artists/Singers for SAG-AFTRA.

TravisFormer SAG-AFTRA National Committee member who has devoted more than three decades of union service. She was first elected to the SAG board of directors in 2008 and fought for more than a decade to have her age and birth date removed from IMDb. She also devotes time and energy to ensuring members are aware of contract changes and opportunities, and helps advance SAG-AFTRA's legislative agenda in California and Washington, D.C.

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