What are the rules for yellow card suspensions in the America's Cup? Which players are at risk?

Ecuador captain Enna Valencia was sent off in their first Copa America group game against Venezuela.

The 34-year-old Valencia was sent off in Ecuador's first Group B match in Santa Clara after kicking Venezuelan Jose Martinez in the chest while fighting for the ball.

Referee Wilma Roldan initially showed the former West Ham striker a yellow card before upgrading his decision to a red card following an on-screen review.

A direct red card for violent conduct will result in a two-match suspension, meaning he will now miss games against Jamaica (June 26) and Mexico (June 30) if he is deemed to have displayed violent behavior.

Competitor Take a look at the players who were booked at the Copa America and the rules surrounding warnings.

What are the card rules for the 2024 America’s Cup?

A player will be suspended for one game after receiving yellow cards in two different games.

After the group stage, accumulated yellow cards will be reset – a looser rule than the concurrent European Cup, which also includes the last 16 and quarter-final stages.

This means that a player can receive two yellow cards during the Copa America, but will not be banned if one warning occurs in the group stage and the other in the knockout stages.

Players or officials who receive a second yellow card in the last game of the group stage will be suspended from the quarter-finals.

Yellow cards reset after the Copa America group match (Omar Vega/Getty Images)

If a player is shown a red card, they will be suspended for one game regardless of the stage of the game. CONMEBOL's disciplinary department can impose penalties more severe than an automatic ban.

If a player is shown a direct red card, any yellow cards received during the same match will also remain valid.

The Copa America also uses pink cards, allowing players diagnosed with concussion to be substituted without using one of the five substitutes allocated by the team.

Each team will be issued a maximum of one pink card per game, and the opposing team may choose to use additional substitutes and additional substitutions.

Player receives a yellow card

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

The player received two yellow cards

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

player sent off

  • Envalencia — Ecuador

(Hector Vivas/Getty Images)

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