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Puerto Rican duo Busble new single”11:11” on Domino. The song is their first new original song since their debut album. Came back In 2020.

Drawing rhythmic inspiration from meringue and other Caribbean music genres, the Buscabulla co-founders Raquel Berrios and Luis Del Valle The dynamic energy of their live shows is purposefully channeled throughout “11:11,” a song inspired by the music their mothers would blast on the stereo during cleaning days when they were kids.

In “11:11” Jorge RodriguezThe video depicts a woman in an existential crisis, overwhelmed by her perpetually dirty home. She dances and frantically scrubs her body, desperately trying to escape the repetitive monotony and waiting for a miracle. The 11:11 is the universe's sign that “life is too short” and that she must take back the spiritual reins of her life by cleansing herself of dirty and unproductive thoughts.

The past few years have changed the Puerto Rican band forever for Buscabra. Career highs, unexpected creative setbacks, and a deep sense of family loss have all caused Berrios and del Valle to take some serious reflection. There was something cosmic about how it all unfolded.

There's a certain mysticism to “11:11.” Named after Berrios' well-known angel number, the song marks the start of a new and very specific chapter for the band. “You have a purpose and you have to fulfill it.” Berrios says: “That's what this new era is about.”

Upcoming Buscabra tour dates
7/11 – Millennium Park – Chicago, IL
7/12 – Lodge Room – Los Angeles, CA
8/11 – Lincoln Center (Ruidosa Festival) – New York, NY

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