Domino launches thermal inkjet for flexible packaging

Domino Printing Sciences has launched a new thermal inkjet (TIJ) designed specifically for flexible packaging lines, including food applications.

The new TIJ to TTO solution for the Domino Gx Series has been developed as an efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) for flexible packaging lines requiring simple printed text codes of 1, 2 or 4 lines and small 2D codes up to 10mm.2.

Prior to launch, the TIJ to TTO solution using Domino Gx Series underwent extensive on-site testing at a pilot site with simple text code requirements provided by existing TTO technology.

Speaking about their experience using the TIJ to TTO solution on the Domino Gx Series, a spokesperson for a major food and beverage brand said that switching to the Gx Series printers reduced consumable changes from twice per shift to once every four days.

“This has significantly reduced the number of line stoppages due to consumable replacement, leading to improved overall productivity,” they said.

“TTO has long been considered the preferred option for flexible packaging lines, but we recognize that it is not always the best solution when it comes to total cost of ownership,” said Alex Mountis, senior product manager, high resolution inkjet, Domino Printing Sciences.

“We have incorporated TIJ into our TTO solution with the Domino Gx Series as an easy-to-use, efficient and cost-effective solution for manufacturers with simple code requirements that may not be effectively addressed by existing TTO solutions.”

For simple printed text codes and small 2D codes, Domino's new TIJ to TTO solution with the Domino Gx Series range significantly reduces costs and waste while providing the same code quality as TTO solutions. This is because inefficient use of ribbon on standard TTO printers can increase overall cost per print and waste. Domino's TIJ to TTO solution with the Domino Gx Series range also has the benefit of reducing downtime required for consumable replacement and machine intervention due to ribbon breakage.

Sample cost calculations show that Domino's TIJ to TTO solution using the Domino Gx Series has achieved up to 95% waste reduction and 70% cost savings from consumables and downtime compared to a standard TTO solution using two printheads to print one-line, two-line, and four-line text codes.

These calculations mean that manufacturers who choose Domino's TIJ to TTO solution with the Domino Gx Series instead of their existing TTO can expect a return on their investment in just 12 months.

The Domino Gx Series range of TIJ to TTO solutions are designed as a direct replacement for your existing TTO, using the same bracket as the most popular TTO solutions.

This allows integration into existing production lines without the need for complex installation modifications or adjustments. Additionally, where low temperatures have previously made ink-based coding problematic, such as in refrigerated or frozen food applications, TIJ to TTO solutions in the Domino Gx Series range are designed with integrated printhead heaters to maximize performance in these challenging environments.

Domino's TIJ to TTO solutions with the Domino Gx series are suitable for a variety of plastic and metallized film applications with a range of ink options to suit different application requirements.

This includes a wide range of ink choices manufactured to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, suitable for non-food contact packaging such as snacks, confectionery and individual packs.

“For flexible packaging lines with alternative coding requirements, including complex text, graphics and large 1D and 2D barcodes, we have multiple alternative solutions, including our new Vx Series TTO printers and UV lasers for recyclable plastic films,” said Paul Clarke, portfolio director at Domino Printing Sciences.

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