Wilson Contreras returns from injured list, Cardinals beat Braves

British stone. LOUIS — When a frustrated Willson Contreras sat on a clubhouse couch about 6 1/2 weeks ago, his fractured left forearm wrapped in a thick bandage, the Cardinals The catcher looked slugger Alec Burleson in the eye and made a bold statement.

“The night it happened, I remember coming here after the game and Wilson was sitting on the couch and he had his arms wrapped and he told me, 'I'm coming back earlier than everyone expected,'” Burleson said. recalled before the game. “Judging from the development of the situation, he is indeed different. If it were me, I might still stay on the crew.

Not only is Contreras coming back from a broken forearm much earlier than most thought, but he had an RBI hit and scored on Monday night to propel the suddenly resurgent Cardinals to a 4-3 victory over the Braves The team won four consecutive games.

On May 7, Contreras was hit by the bat of Mets slugger J.D. Martinez, resulting in a fracture of his left forearm. He was expected to miss the All-Star Game in mid-July, but Contreras Returned to the plate and had his third at-bat for the Cardinals. The three-time All-Star had surgery to implant a titanium plate and screws to stabilize the fractured ulna in his arm.

Contreras, who appeared in six minor league games while rehabbing, caught up with veteran starter Lance Lynn (3-3) and showed no ill effects from the injury. Contreras struck out Braves shortstop Orlando Arcia to score Burleson in the four-run third inning. Later in the inning, Contreras scored on a single by Brendan Donovan at second base, and Donovan extended his RBI streak to seven games.

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