Incredible Pokemon TCG shipping error ruins $500 worth of cards

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Buying Pokémon cards online can be an effective way to obtain rare items, but it can also be a gamble depending on where you shop, one collector found out the hard way.

Will the seller package the cards well? Does this card have to be genuine? As a Pokemon TCG fan looking for chase cards, not being able to physically see the Pokemon cards can cause anxiety. That's why it's no surprise that transportation horror stories are always a hit with the community.

A Pokemon TCG collector recently shared a distressing shipping error with the community, in which a highly sought-after Venusaur — worth thousands of dollars if graded — arrived with the buyer's name engraved on the top.

Other Pokemon TCG collectors in the post were disgusted by the quality of the Dragon Frontiers Pokemon cards, which appear to be worth $500 based on the quality, and sympathized with the buyers.

The seller doesn't appear to have put any kind of protective layer on the card (like a top loader), which means when they write the buyer's name on the envelope, it scratches the paper and creates the worst custom Pokemon ever card.

Many Pokémon fans in the comments urged buyers to send the cards back and ask for a refund. One such person insisted: “Give it back to me, and when they read your name, they will forever be reminded of their wrongdoing.”

Someone else joked: “Carve my son's meow like a cow.” But if it's true, obviously returning this sucks and is sorry for what happened. ox.

Other Pokemon TCG fans chimed in with their own shipping tips, surprised by the lack of care shown in the image. One person noted, “I've seen people use large bubble mailers and a bunch of single card padding as well as cardboard and top-loading cards. There's no reason not to do 10% of that.”

When purchasing Pokémon cards online, especially rare gems like Venusaur, it's important to do so from a verified retailer. If you are concerned that a card sent by a seller may not be in good condition, leave them a message and politely ask about their shipping options.

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