People are designing their homes around this unexpected aesthetic

Beware the Modern Farmhouse! A new style is taking over everyone's homes. In a survey by Redecor, 78% of 7,300 respondents said they considered aesthetics when choosing pet accessories and made home décor choices based on their pets. In other words, “pet style” is shaping the way people decorate.

In the past, dog-washing areas have been extensions of mudrooms or laundry rooms—designer Shavonda Gardner even installed shelves with cutouts to fit a dog's water and food bowls—but these days, people are looking for ways to add less-custom furniture that doesn't necessarily look like pet furniture.

From cat litter box enclosures that look just as stylish as the rest of your living room to the faux leather hamster sofa designed by Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, we can think of plenty of great examples.

But just because pet owners are looking for stylish pet accessories doesn't mean they're always ready to shell out the cash: 85% of those surveyed said they wouldn't spend more than $100 on such items. Here, we've rounded up our favorite stylish pet items that cost under $100.

Stylish pet products under $100

Oreo Table

Pets are good


    Short jade-colored Oreo table from Pets So Good


Nate & Jeremiah Brown Faux Leather Sofa



    Hamster Sofa by Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus


Slow Feeder

Wild one


    Wild One Slow Feeder Bowl Black


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