Fingerprints supports Valid in launching biometric payment card in Brazil

Fingerprint card AB

Fingerprint card AB

Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints) has partnered with Valid, a global payment technology provider and integrator of security solutions for the identity, mobile and payments ecosystem, to develop biometric payment cards for the Brazilian market. The card uses Fingerprints' proven biometric technology to bring contactless security, convenience and hygiene to a new level.

The cards, manufactured by Valid, will use Fingerprints' second-generation T-Shape® (T2) sensor module and software platform. The biometric payment card will be unveiled at the Febraban technology event in São Paulo in June 2024.

Although contactless payments have continued to grow significantly in Brazil since the outbreak, consumers still have concerns about security. The region’s preference for contactless payments, coupled with familiarity with biometric technology, suggests the ecosystem is ready for the next generation of payment cards.

According to Resolution 3694/09 of the National Monetary Council of Brazil, financial institutions must “ensure the integrity, reliability, security and confidentiality of transactions, services and products”. Biometric payment cards enable a new level of security by leveraging unique physical characteristics to authenticate payments. This can help banks comply with regulations and reduce in-store payment fraud and the associated costs of both. Banks that are leaders in payments innovation also have attractive brand images.

Adam Philpott, CEO of Fingerprints, commented: “Brazil and the wider Latin America region are increasingly seen as centers of payment innovation. I am delighted that Fingerprints can support Valid in adding this biometric payment card to its portfolio. The card’s high The security will help reduce fraud while enhancing user experience, thereby helping banks acquire customers. We expect several banks in the region to adopt biometric payments technology soon.

Visit Fingerprints' payment solutions and Valid's card solutions to learn more about unlocking the next generation of contactless technology.

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