Police say man impersonated nurse to steal elderly man's credit card

Woman holding credit card and paying online using smartphone.

Woman holding credit card and paying online using smartphone.

A Bloomington nursing home was one of many targets identified in a multi-state credit card theft scheme that involved a Texas man posing as a female nurse, stealing credit cards and making large purchases.

Retirement community residents report missing credit cards

Markinious Katrell Hartfield, 43, is accused of three separate credit card thefts from Redbud Hills Retirement Community in Bloomington in March, the Herald Times previously reported. A woman who filed criminal charges said she briefly left her apartment unlocked and returned to find her credit card missing.

Police: Card used in Kentucky missing

Police said the woman's card was used to make three purchases worth more than $600 on March 4, including one at a Walmart in Owensboro, Kentucky, 145 miles away.

Man arrested in multiple states on suspicion of similar crimes

Hatfield is wanted for similar crimes in other states including Georgia, Massachusetts, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Iowa, according to jail records.

In Illinois, Hatfield allegedly entered an Adams County retirement community apartment dressed as a female nurse and stole credit and debit cards used at Quincy-area stores.

The Texan had committed similar offenses in previous years. He and another man were charged with 20 credit card thefts over five months, first in Louisiana in 2006 and then in Colorado in 2009, causing victims more than $50,000 in losses.

Suspect faces multiple charges in Indiana

Hatfield was arrested in Houston on June 11 on an Illinois burglary warrant. He faces three felony burglary charges and three misdemeanor theft charges in Monroe County.

Hatfield faces $100,000 bail and is being held at the Brazoria County Detention Center in Angleton, Texas.

This article originally appeared in the Louisville Courier-Journal: Texas man accused of stealing credit cards from Indiana retirees

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