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The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is an expansive, immersive, cooperative exploration of Middle-earth. Through the heroes you choose and the decks you build, you'll explore all of JRR Tolkien's worlds, from the lowest dungeons to the highest peaks. There are over a hundred playable scenarios available in the game's expansion packs, as well as near-limitless customization options when it comes to selecting your player card.

With the recent release of the repackaged Ered Mithrin campaign, Even in 2024, there are still plenty of LOTR LCG expansion packs to choose from. Let's take a look at some of the best overall extras in the game that you should consider purchasing after beating the core series.

10. “Lord of the Rings” entry deck

Lotr LCG starter deck
Image from Fantasy Flight Games

To discover more of the game's variety in deck building, you might first consider purchasing some of the game's starter decks. In my opinion, the Elves of Lorien are the best of the bunch, while the Knights of Rohan are a little behind the rest. Thankfully, you can see exactly what each one is about on the social network Beorn Hall.

9. Dream Hero Expansion Pack

Lord of the Rings Card Game Gray Heaven
Image from Fantasy Flight Games

The repackaged content is in Lord of the Rings Living card games are usually divided into campaigns and hero expansions, the latter of which only contain player cards. this Dreamer's Player cards have a wide range of traits and archetypes, which can make it more difficult for new players when building a deck.

8. The housekeeper’s fear

Although you can't play this scenario housekeeper's fear No box Heir of Númenor The deluxe expansion pack and the player cards alone make this purchase well worth the money. Inside, you'll find a nearly complete Outland deck.

7. Angmar Awakening Campaign Expansion

Lotr lcg lost kingdom
Image from Fantasy Flight Games

this Angmar Awakens The campaign is extremely difficult even for long-term players. However, if you like more challenging scenarios in your game, you might want to consider picking this one up. I recommend having at least a starter deck or hero expansion.

6. Angmar Awakening Heroes Expansion Pack

Lord of the rings lcg best hero
Image from Fantasy Flight Games

Player cards come from Angmar Awakens The cycle includes some all-star heroes, including Alvin, Erestor, and Merry. The box also comes with new mechanics for player side quests.

5. Expansion of dream chasing activities

scenes in dream chaser The campaign expansion will take players across the vast oceans of Middle-earth to the ruins of Númenor. The navigation mechanics, underwater locations, and overall storyline are all very immersive.

4. Ered Mithrin Campaign Expansion

Lotr lcg ed mishlin campaign expansion
Image from Fantasy Flight Games

On your journey through the Rovanian Wilds, you'll get lost in the Black Forest, fight dragons, and explore the depths of Mount Gundabad. Almost every scene here is a home run.

3. Ered Mithrin Heroes Expansion Pack

Lotr lcg Rovanion Wilds Expansion Pack
Image from Fantasy Flight Games

this Ered Misreen Hero expansions are a great place to start expanding your player's card collection. This box allows you to create a Dell prototype deck that is arguably more powerful than the starter deck. You can also modify “protected” player cards.

2. The Two Towers Legend Expansion Pack

the best Lord of the Rings Card game expansions are of course those that follow the main story of JRR Tolkien's masterpiece novel. The Battle of Helm's Deep and the Corpse Lair are both iconic scenes from the game. The box contains player cards and tasks.

1. “Lord of the Rings” expansion pack

Image from Fantasy Flight Games

this Fellowship of the Ring The expansion takes players from the rolling hills of the Shire to Bree and Rivendell, and through the darkness of Moria. The theme of this expansion is incredible, as are the heroes, attachments, allies, and events.

If you've completed the core set and want to start expanding your game, I recommend starting here. like two towers In the Legends expansion, you will get a combination of player cards and missions.

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