Game Recap – June 28 – Parent and bullpen combine to shut out Reds, Katz wins 1-0

most important results

Andre Pallante's game-winner in the sixth inning and four relievers took the Donuts to the finish line. The Cardinals scored on a single punt to secure a rare 1-0 victory.

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Pre-match notes

  • This is the 81st game. This year, the Cardinals are in second place with a 42-39 record, 6.5 times behind the Brewers, but definitely in contention for the wild card. The scoring is down significantly this year, with about the same number of runs allowed. How can they get better than 8 games? It must be the manager.
  • The Cardinals are playing at a pace that matches most preseason predictions (about 84 wins). The way they did it didn't quite match the predictions.
  • Aside from Nootbar, all other injured players appear to be either out for the year or indefinitely with no expected timetable. At this point in the season, it's probably the same.

Lineups (and roster intrigue)

  • From the Cardinals' trade line, I can see that Gordon Gresford has been added to the 40-man roster and drafted to the MLB team, ostensibly to provide a new addition to the bullpen. arm. Matz went to Illinois for 60 days to clear a spot on the 40-man roster, while Leahy opted to go to Memphis to clear a spot on the service (26-man) roster.
  • Notebar begins rehab tonight in Springfield.
  • There have been some adjustments to the lineup. Donovan leads the way. Contreras was ranked 2nd, Burly was ranked 3rd, and Goldy was ranked 4th. Carp at DH, Crawford at SS, and Siani at CF formed a left-leaning rear. Winn rested for the night.
  • Montas represents the Reds and Palant represents the Cardinals. I'm going to take over the game in this game.


T1 – India opened with a single. Cruz K. The steering follows a single. But Palant launched the GIDP to quell the emerging rally.

B1 – Donovan K. Contreras K. The burly man walked and was quickly taken away.

T2 – 5-3. pop up. K. A super quiet inning, Pallant has struck out 5 times in a row.

B2 – Goldie went out 1-3. Gorman K. this is a problem. Arenado single. Carp HBP. But Crawford struck out, ending the inning.

T3 – Palant started with a king and 5-3, hitting 7 straight outs. The Indians broke the strings with a double, but Cruz bounced to Palant to end the inning.

B3 – Siani ripped a double off the wall (104 mph) to lead off the inning. Donovan moved him to third with GIDP. Contreras walk. Burly got SacPop as an RBI. Seriously, Burley pops up to Cruz at SS and Siani scores. Cruz's poor pass moved Contreras to second. Goldie out 6-3. The board led 1-0.

T4 – Turn to K. Pallant had 4 K's (and 0 walk-on balls) in four innings. This ratio will change. Another K and 5-3 made for another quiet inning. Palant is moving on.

B4 – Goldman 4-3. Arenado K. Crawford qualified at 102 mph (his first time out was 101 mph). He was out of luck tonight.

T5 – Espinal is out. Benson (.191 batter) walked, ending Palant's walkless streak in the 4th inning. Fairchild singles. First and third. Fairchild Semiconductor won second place. Mailer pops up. India Walk. Pallant was clearly anxious to catch the walk on his K. Cruz was out 1-3. The Cards still lead 1-0.

B5 – Siani out (103 mph). Donovan was out 1-3. Contreras was eliminated 6-3. We drove on.

T6 – HBP Leading is auspicious. Another walk followed. After F7, Palante is done. Fernandez enters. Palant's final line was 5.2 innings with 0 R, 5 K, 3 BB and HBP. Still 1-0.

B6 – Burleson F7. Goldy K. Gorman F8 (106 mph). This facility is located at 24 of the 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) parks.

T7 – Fernandez remains in the lead. K.4-3. Rule 5 Well done Gems.

B7 – Arenado was out 1-3. The carp jumped out. Crawford 3u. Attack while napping.

Q8 – Romero enters. He started with the now customary walk-off by a reliever. I hate those! Then there's F8. What followed was a missed bunt attempt (weird strategy) and they got Cruz out first, but after a long (I mean long review…10 minutes???) they overturned the field The penalty above. Cruz grabbed second place. Romero induced an F7 for two. His night was over. Kittredge faced off against Malte from Team K. Incredibly, it's still 1-0.

B8 – Siani F7. Donovan single. Contreras single (110 mph!!). But Burley suddenly appears and Goldie is shut out.

T9 – Enter Helsley. K. pop up. Six pitches will do the job. I was almost disappointed with the zero pressure innings. But I will overcome this feeling and win. The Cards won 1-0, with each team having a measly 4 hits.

Post-race notes (and random thoughts)

  • When will Jordan Walker watches go on sale? I'm calculating when his OPS breaks .800 in Memphis.
  • Tink has therefore pitched all three innings this month, stopping the game twice, about two weeks apart. What does it have to do with him?
  • Siani's wRC+ is around 77. Is this offense enough to justify his defense? I thought about it. When Noot comes back, I hope they at least send Siani against the LH pitching staff.

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