Gresford makes debut but Cards are beaten by Reds

Yesterday, I wrote about how the Cardinals really need to win this weekend's series against the Reds. Cincinnati struggled, and the Cardinals had a good chance to kick them when they were trailing.

Unfortunately, a series victory was no longer possible. Like the first game, the Cardinals were soundly defeated by the Reds. Sonny Gray was out today and didn't even get through five innings.

There are some positive aspects. Paul Goldschmidt homered and Michael Ciani, Matt Carpenter and Nolan Gorman each had one hit. But this is not enough.

That's the frustrating part about this team. They can beat a good team, but they can't handle teams like the Reds, Marlins, Rockies, and White Sox, which is why I still find it hard to take this club seriously. The Cardinals should never be playing just to split the odds against these teams, but here we are. Let's break this down.

India continues to cook Cardinals

Unfortunately, the Cardinals still don't seem to have an answer for Jonathan India. He had two doubles and led off each one. Stuart Fairchild also had a great game, but it's the Indians that have upset the Cardinals the past four seasons.

If the Cardinals hope to bounce back tomorrow under Lance Lynn, they're going to need him to control India. He's just one of those guys who turns into a Cardinal Killer, just like Ian Happ. He's been through a big series and is the guy they need to control.

Not Sonny from St. Louis

No matter what, the weather is “Sonny”. But as far as Sonny's outing goes, it's more like Grey's. Sorry for the bad pun.

To be fair, he should have gone out with a double in the fifth inning and allowed just two runs, but Nolan Arenado's error kept the inning alive and the Reds scored six more runs while also finding John King's Weaknesses. Gray only scored three points.

But the Gray of today is still not himself. He's pitched really well in his last few starts, so it's a little disappointing to see him make such progress. But I do think this is just a blip on the radar screen. He had a rough day, but he made huge strides after a bad stretch and even struck out six batters. Seven hits were allowed, and Arenado's error really ruined his day.

graceful debut

The highlight of the game was Gordon Gresford. After King got just one out, St. Louis turned to the power-throwing right-hander, and he didn't disappoint.

It's encouraging to see him hit 96 mph with his fastball, and it's also good that he can give the bullpen a little rest. In his MLB debut, he walked two batters but allowed just three hits and one run, striking out four.

I've been worried about the Cardinals' depth options in the minors, but it's nice to know they at least have someone they can trust in Graver if he gets hurt. He's made great progress and it's great to see him doing his thing.

His family was in attendance, which made it even better. But it was definitely not the best part of a great day for the Redbirds.

Lynn will start tomorrow against Hunter Green as St. Louis tries to avoid a series loss.

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