Intel Battlemage BMG-G31 GPU spotted, said to feature 32 Xe2 cores on next-gen Arc cards

Intel's Battlemage discrete GPU, powered by the next-generation Xe2 graphics architecture, will be available in high-end BMG-G31 configurations, as shown on the Intel Design-iN Tools portal.

Intel Battlemage BMG-G31 GPU is said to be equipped with 32 cores and upgraded Xe2 graphics architecture

Intel Battlemage discrete GPU is one of the products using the Xe2 graphics architecture. Compared with the existing Alchemist Xe1 GPU, the performance is improved by up to 50%, and various improvements and features are added. These Arc GPUs are said to be launching in the coming months, but so far Intel has been tight-lipped as they are currently focused on Lunar Lake's Xe2 integrated products.

Image source: Intel Design Tools Store

Well, it looks like Intel's Design-iN tool store has revealed that the Arc Battlemage BMG-G31 GPU is indeed real and has been tested on this upcoming chip. The store lists “PTT Engagement – BGA3283-BMG-G31 VRTT Interposer – Prototypes” which shows that the specific SKU is in BGA 3283 format. This information may not be important to gamers, but it does indicate that the chip has a larger footprint than other Battlemage chips that have appeared on the same channel before.

  • ACM-G10: BGA 2660 (Alchemist)
  • BMG-G21: BGA 2362 (Battle Mage)
  • BMG-G10: BGA 2727 (Battle Mage)
  • BMG-G31: BGA 3283 (Battle Mage)

According to information shared by @SquashBionic, the Intel Arc Battlemage BMG-G31 GPU is said to be equipped with up to 32 Xe2 cores and will retain the GDDR6 interface, resulting in a total of 4096 ALUs, which is very similar to the existing flagship Alchemist-based ACM- G10, used on Arc A770 graphics card. But as performance improves, with proper software support and good value, we can expect a great mainstream product. It is said that the Battlemage discrete graphics card will adopt a native Gen5 design, but will also be backwards compatible with the previous PCIe standard.

Information about the Battlemage GPU SKU and BMG-G31 chip was first revealed by RedGamingTech a few months ago. According to the details, while the G31 chip has 32 Xe2 cores and a 256-bit interface, the Battlemage BMG-G21 chip will reportedly have 20 Xe cores on a 192-bit bus interface.

Intel's next-generation Battlemage GPU is likely to be officially announced at this year's innovation event, with a release schedule to be announced in late 2024 or early 2025. The iGPU design is expected to deliver some impressive performance gains, as seen in early synthetic benchmarks.

Intel Arc Battlemage graphics card “rumored” specifications:

Graphics card model Arc B*** Arc B*** Curved A770
GPU chip Curved BMG-G31 Curved BMG-G21 Curved ACM-G10
process node TSMC 5nm? TSMC 5nm? TSMC 6nm
Mold size To be determined To be determined 406 square millimeters
Shade unit (core) 4096 (32 Xe2 cores) 2048 (16 Xe2 cores) 4096 (32 Xe cores)
GPU clock (graphics) To be determined To be determined 2.10GHz
Memory Capacity 16GB GDDR6(x)? 12GB GDDR6(x)? 16GBGDDR6
memory speed To be determined To be determined 17.5 Gbps
memory bus 256 bit 192 bits 256 bit
bandwidth To be determined To be determined 560GB/sec
Three Gorges Project To be determined To be determined 225W
Price (at time of publication) To be determined To be determined $349

News Sources: @miktdt, @SquashBionic, Videocardz

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