Pro Tour Modern 3 Top 8 players and decks

It all started when 243 players entered the crucible Modern Horizons 3 Draft and Modern Construction have selected the final eight contestants. Congratulations on entering the top 8 on the Pro Tour Modern Horizons 3!

Javier Dominguez

2 Teferi, the Time Breaker 4 Subtlety 3 Flagg the Fire Titan 2 Lórien Revealed 1 Supreme Verdict 3 Wrath of the Sky 1 Reversed Polarity 4 Power of Negation 4 Counterspell 4 Electric Discharge 3 Adjustment Narrative 1 Spell Trap 4 A Ring 2 Under the Dress 1 Stonehenge 1 Thunder Falls 2 Steam Vent 1 Elegant Living Room 4 Flooded Beach 1 South End, Waterside School 1 Island 1 Mysterious Door 1 Mountains 1 Delicate Archives 1 Plains 2 Sacred Fountain 1 Scalding Tarn 4 Tableland Drought

1 Fury of Fire Titan Flegi 3 Inquisitor Dranis 1 Supreme Judgment 1 Wrath of the Sky 1 Commander 1 Polarity Reversal 1 Mysterious Strife 2 Celestial Purification 3 Remembering Memories 1 Soul Guidance Lantern

A world champion, back in the top eight – and another modern player. Javier Dominguez’s last top finish was at the 2023 Modern Pro Tour King of the Ring, but since then he has been at the top tables and regularly finished in the top 16 on the Pro Tour .

He successfully transformed in Amsterdam and will now enter the quarterfinals as the only control player in the group. The energy-based Jeskai deck is Amsterdam’s control weapon of choice, galvanic discharge Try to control the early spikes, with cards like the power of negation and reverse polarity The belated threat was dealt with. It's a difficult balance to find, but one Dominguez perfected on his way to the top eight.

Daniel Gaucher

4 Winged Wisdom Nadder 1 Kor Vanguard 1 Stamina 4 Springheart Nantuk 4 Orc Archer 4 Wall of Roots 1 Thassa's Oracle 4 Joyous Halfling 1 Forest Guardian 1 Dryad Arbor 1 Thought Capture 4 Summoning Chord 3 Summon Contractor 4 Shuko 4 Verdant Catacombs 1 Pendle Harbor 2 Forest 1 Swamp 1 Stalwart Guardian Tree 1 Temple Garden 1 Island 1 Breeding Pool 4 Misty Rainforest 1 Dungeon Sewers 1 Underground Morgue 1 Overgrown Grave 1 Water Grave 1 Yavimaya, the cradle of growth 2 Swamp Flats

1 Hungry Tide Grist 1 Apocalypse Sheldred 1 Reclamation Sage 1 Dranis Inquisitor 1 Unstable Thundersaur 1 Chaos Mite 2 Thoughtseize 3 Critical Strike 3 One Ring 1 Gem Cave

Daniel Goetschel, a Competitive Tour veteran with Grand Prix and Eternal Weekend titles, returns to the Tabletop Pro Tour and now has the second top result of his career. His Nadu's four-color body gradually turns black Orc Archer and thought capturewhich allows him to get an angle on the offensive line in Sunday's mirror game.

That's Cassis

1 Vanguard of Unkol 4 Winged Nadder of Wisdom 1 Stamina 2 Wall of Roots 2 Bristlebill, Spine Sower 4 Springheart Nantuck 4 Joyful Halfling 1 Noble Hierarch 1 Guardian of the Forest 2 Runaway Mite 1 Dryad Arbor 4 Summoning Chord 2 Summoner's Pact 2 Ring of the One 4 Shuzi 4 Urza's Saga 4 Windswept Wasteland 4 Misty Rainforest 1 Temple Garden 1 Ohtawara, Soaring City 2 Forest 1 Lush Porch 1 Hedge Maze 1 Sacred Fountain 1 Waterlogged Grove 1 Flowing Lush Porch 1 Hedge Maze 1 Sacred Fountain 1 Waterlogged Grove 1 Flowing Lush 1 Breeding Pond 1 Cradle of Growth Yavimaya 2 Star Tree Endurance

2 Teferi, Time Breaker 1 Dranis Inquisitor 2 Sunscreen 1 Volatile Storm Dragon 1 Brenton's Forge 1 Vitality 1 Dismemberment 2 Veil of Summer 2 Damping Sphere 1 Trouble Gadget 1 Shadow Spear

Cassis has quietly been a mainstay at the top level of the Pro Tour over the years, notably winning the Neon Dynasty Championship and later finishing runner-up to Nathan Stull at the 2022 World Championship, where he currently stands. Two of the five top results achieved.

Cassis has mastered Nadu, the Wings of Wisdom The archetype that dominated the Pro Tour, rounding out his offensive line with complex combo decks and posting a perfect 8-0 Modern record, making the top 8 early. This was his first top result since 2022, but Cassis came back strong with this top 8 finish.

my noah

3 Thorin of House Markov 4 Sorrow 3 Sheldred of the Apocalypse 1 Boggart Trawler 4 Orc Archer 2 Dawsi Voidwalker 4 Thought Seize 4 Soul Spike 2 Corruption and Desecration 1 Fallout 3 Malaki Reborn 4 Fatal One Hit 3 Miserable March 1 Not Dead After All 4 Reign of the Undead 1 Tainted Delta 1 Bloodstained Mire 1 Rowdy Theater 1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth 1 Phyrexian Tower 1 Swamp Flats 3 Lockswein Castle 7 Swamp 1 Green Catacombs

2 Toxic Torrent 3 Breaking the Ice 1 Collective Violence 2 Sheldred's Decree 3 Surgical Extraction 2 Damping Ball 2 Medullary Needle

Korean Ma Noah is a rising star in digital events over the years, having collaborated and tested with many game masters. Enter through the Pro Tour Modern Horizons 3 Be high-spirited, ready to dive into a new format, and have lots of ideas to test. As one of several players brought Necronomicon deck to bear, support sadMali used a solid 5-1 draft record and a 7-0 Modern record to earn the No. 1 spot and top seed in Sunday's playoffs.

Seth Manfield

4 Sorrow 2 Apocalypse Sheldred 4 Boggart Trawler 4 Orc Archer 2 Shambling Ghast 2 Agadem's Awakening 4 Judgment of Kozilek 4 Soul Spike 2 Flames of Malice 4 Corruption and Desecration 1 Power of Despair 4 Malachi I Reborn 4 The Miserable March 4 A Ring 4 Reign of the Undead 3 Phyrexian Tower 2 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth 6 The Swamp

2 Darcy the Voidwalker 4 Soulless Jailer 3 Breaking the Ice 2 Seizing Thoughts 1 Power of Despair 2 Coup de Grace 1 Surgical Extraction

Posted another 6-0 draft record on the Pro Tour, finishing in the top 8 again on the 2015 Pro Tour magic World Champion and recently crowned Pro Tour Champion Murder at Karloff Manor. The Hall of Famer's resume will only continue to grow, and if he can win his second Pro Tour event in six months, he could join some very rarefied air.

To do this, he needs to be ready for a well-trained Nader opponent. But that's not a problem for Manfield, whose monochromatic black Necronomicon The deck helped him score his twelfth career top finish.

Simon Nelson

1 Harbinger of Unkol 1 Endurance 4 Winged Wisdom Nadder 4 Springheart Nantuk 2 Bristlebill, Spine Sower 2 Wall of Roots 2 Chaos Mite 1 Guardian of the Forest 1 Noble Archbishop 4 Joyous Halfling 1 Dryad Arbor 4 Summoning Chord 2 Summoner's Pact 2 Ring of the One 4 Shuko 4 Urza's Saga 1 Sacred Fountain 1 Lush Porch 2 Forest 1 Hedge Maze 4 Windswept Wasteland 1 Waterlogged Woods 1 Cradle of Growth Yavimaya 4 Misty Rainforest 1 Breeding Pool 1 Flow Woodland 1 Soaring City Otawara 1 Temple Garden 2 Fragrant Tree Endure

2 Teferi, Time Breaker 1 Stamina 1 Dranis Inquisitor 2 Sunscreener 1 Volatile Storm Dragon 1 Soulless Jailer 1 Brenton Forger 1 Vitality 1 Dismember 1 Spell Pierce 2 Veil of Summer 1 Shadow spear

Reigning Player of the Year and cycling enthusiast Simon Nielsen must have felt very much at home in Amsterdam because he somehow turned in other Run into the top 8. What Nelson did in the parity era was unprecedented, and Nelson returned to his exceptional form after finishing at Thunder Junction on the Pro Tour.

He's still looking for trophies. This gives Nelson another chance to achieve his goal if he can get through the upcoming Bentenard mirror match. With four other combined players in the top eight, it will be a tough challenge – but that's never stopped the Player of the Year.

Sam Pardee

2 Teferi the Destroyer of Time 1 Cole's Vanguard 4 Nadder the Wisdom Wing 2 Stamina 1 Sunscreen 4 Springheart Nantuk 1 Furious Thunderbolt 4 Wall of Roots 1 Chaos Mite 1 Forest Guardian 1 Noble Hierarch 4 Joyous Halfling 1 Dryad Arbor 4 Summoning Chord 2 Summoner's Pact 4 Shuzi 2 Urza's Saga 4 The Windfall 1 Temple Garden 1 Cradle of Growth Yavimaya 1 Soaring City Ohtawara 4 Misty Rainforest 1 Lush Porch 2 Forest 1 Hedge Maze 1 Sacred Fountain 11 Island 1 Breeding Pond 1 Flooded Grove 2 Patient Star Tree

1 Titania, Protector of Argoth1 Stamina1 Aerial Apparition2 Dranes Inquisitor2 Dismemberment3 Veil of Summer2 Spell Penetration2 One Ring1 Urza's Saga

Sam Pardee continues his dominance of high-level success in the 2023-2024 season, finishing in the top eight for the second time this year following an earlier Pro Tour appearance Murder at Karloff Manor. With a powerful new engine, Pardee once again aims to take home the Pro Tour trophy and finish in the top 8. Nadu, the Wings of Wisdom deck. Given his dominance throughout the race, Paddy is primed to deliver another win on Sunday, the sixth top result of his career.

Jason Ho

1 Shaper Sage Venser 4 Winged Wisdom Nadder 1 Unkol Vanguard 2 Stamina 1 Draniss Inquisitor 1 Fierce Thunderbolt 4 Springheart Nantuk 2 Forest Guardian 1 Chaos Mite 3 Arboreal Herbivore 2 Joy Halfling 1 Dryad Arbor 4 Vicious Rumble 4 Summoning Chord 1 Ring 1 Springleaf Drum 3 Shoko 4 Urza's Legend 1 Temple Garden 1 Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth 1 Forest 1 Island 3 Kani Garden 4 Misty Rainforest 2 Breeding Pond 1 Wave Tree, Who Can Endure 1 Hedge Maze 3 Windblown Heather 2 Floating Woodland

1 Titania, Guardian of Argoth 1 Sage of Reclamation 1 Inquisitor Dranis 1 Sunscreen 2 Vitality 2 Dismemberment 2 Song 3 Remembering 2 A Ring

After winning $100,000 Eldraine Wilds Jason Ye was on the verge of tears at last year's MagicCon: Limited Open in Las Vegas, including his breakthrough first career top finish at Pro Tour Thunder Junction two months ago. You can now play Pro Tour events on consecutive Sundays Modern Horizons 3play new Nadu, the Wings of Wisdom The deck for modern success. With the best deck in the format and one of the best teams on tour (Sanctum of All), Ye will be looking to capture the Pro Tour trophy in Sunday's showdown.

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