Domino's Pizza UK's 'Hawk Tua' post leaves netizens 'disgusted': 'Not the best advertisement for food' | World News

Domino's Pizza UK has become the latest company to join the “Hawk Tua” trend, but X users aren't happy. “Today is (Hawk) Tua day,” the company wrote in a post, referring to the online sensation Hawk Tua girl and her comments.

Domino's Pizza UK's
Domino's Pizza UK's “Hawk Tua” post leaves internet users “disgusted”: “Not the best way to advertise a food product” (Photo: Nick Antaya/Bloomberg – Image) (Bloomberg)

Hawk Tua Girl, real name Hayley Welch, went viral after being featured in a street interview by creators Tim & Dee TV. In the video, she was asked “What move always turns guys on in bed?” Her viral answer was “Doing the 'Hawk Tua' and spitting on it.”

“Not the best advertisement for food.”

However, some social media users found Domino's post inappropriate. In the comments section, one user wrote: “There's nothing wrong with a respected UK pizza place referencing women spitting on guys during sex. Totally acceptable behaviour. Before all you Zoomers with broccoli heads, noodle arms and skin whiter than a Dulux dog say 'it's just a joke, calm down',” while another wrote: “This is getting out of hand,” while another added: “Y'all shouldn't be joking with a hawk. Avoiding Domino's for a while…”

“I'll order the pizza without the hawk,” one user commented, while another wrote, “Not the best advertisement for food btw,” “Appalling,” one user commented. “Everybody pack your bags. Domino's ruined the meme,” one user commented, while another wrote, “What the hell Domino's.”

Little is known about Hawk Tua's girl, Welch, but we do know that her sudden fame led her to partner with local Tennessee company Fathead Threads to sell Hawk Tua merchandise. Jason Poteat, who runs the business, says he's known Welch “for years” and reached out to her after she went viral. “Obviously, she didn't get a penny from that initial video,” Poteat told Rolling Stone. “Nobody asked her permission to do nothing. I just wanted her to get some bang for her buck from this deal.”

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