The Best Arishem Decks in Marvel Snap

One of the wildest cards Marvel Snapshot Historically, Arishem, a god who will change the way card combat is about to arrive. While it's undoubtedly interesting, let's take a deeper look at whether he's any good. This is the best Arishem deck Marvel Snapshot.

The Best Arishem Decks in Marvel Snap

Arishem is a 7-cost, 7-energy card with the following ability: “At the beginning of the game, +1 maximum energy. Shuffle 12 random cards into your deck.

You may have noticed that Arishem is Marvel Snapshot's first 7 energy card, allowing him to play on the final turn of the game with the +1 energy he provides.

as Marvel Snapshot The deck starts with 12 cards, and Arishem effectively doubles your deck size, so you'll probably only draw an average of 4 of your own cards and 4 random Arishem cards. Your chance of finding a specific card in your starting hand that goes into your deck is less than 20%.

Arishem clearly has synergy with Quinjet, which will further discount the random cards on offer. Other key synergies include how Loki can eliminate your unwanted cards with maximum power, while last week's Phastos will buff random cards with cost discounts or additional abilities. Wave is also a good choice because she can be used on turn 2, allowing you to drop a powerful 6-cost card on turn 3.

The Best Arishem Decks in Marvel Snap

Building a deck with Arishem will take some time to sort out, as I believe the best deck to build with him will consist of 12 flexible cards with little to no synergy, but the following two cards are almost guaranteed to be available soon after his release Just use it with him. First and foremost, we have Arishem/Loki, as the Trickster God can replace bad cards with his opponent's cards. Here is a list:

  • quinjet
  • snow guard
  • Thor's Hammer
  • Möbius M. Moebius
  • red guardian
  • agent coulson
  • Loki
  • Nick Fury
  • Selsi
  • Robin
  • spot
  • Alisham

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Quake is a personal preference, you can use Jeff instead! If you have a baby shark. Otherwise, the Blob can be swapped out for another powerful 6-cost card, such as Doctor Doom. Robin works well in this deck because many cards discount her; that is, you can swap her out for an impactful 5-cost card or a tech card like Shang-Chi. The same is true if you don't have Red Guard.

To play this deck, if you have Quinjet handy and have a decent early curve, you may want to use Snap. Agent Coulson and Nick Fury can increase the random power of this deck while also providing fuel for Loki. If you don't have influential cards in your hand, you'll want to keep them away from Loki, depending on your opponent's deck. The Blob will eat half your deck a turn early, giving you a major high stakes dice, and he'll eat powerful random cards and help against decks playing Blackhawk. Finally, Sersi can upgrade bad cards you throw onto the board. Expect to see Loki and Arishem together a lot.

Arishem will then perform well in the control list against his opponents while trying to win with the random cards he generates. This is a list I personally developed, although I anticipate many pro players and content creators will come up with similar content, or even better content:

  • Shadow King
  • Thor's Hammer
  • Killmonger
  • Möbius M. Moebius
  • red guardian
  • ghost
  • Gladiator
  • Shang-Chi
  • witch
  • spot
  • Alios
  • Alisham

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If you don't have specific cards in the deck, it's difficult to replace them. Red Guardian or Gladiator could be replaced with something like Nocturne. However, you'll want the raw power of the Blob to win a lane and counter the Darkhawk

Otherwise, this deck is fairly simple to play if you have a good understanding of the meta and is a great choice for Conquest mode. The path you take with this deck will depend heavily on which cards you draw from Arishem and your opponent's deck, but in general, you should try your best not to prioritize going into the final turn. In fact, this is why the rarely placed Ghost appears in this deck. With a lucky draw of Blob on turn 5, you can steal the game by playing a tech card or two on turn 6.

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How to fight Arishem in Marvel Snap

Arishem is definitely a card you want to counter, and there's one card that does just that: Darkhawk. Not only does Darkhawk gain 24 power from the 12 cards added to the deck, but cards like Korg, Rockslide, and Black Widow will make it harder for Arishem players to draw good cards. The best Darkhawk decks feature Sersi, like this one, although there's another list that runs Pixie. Beyond that, you can make sure to run Morbius M. Morbius, as the little man with the mustache will counter Arishem players running Loki.

Who is Arisem?

Alithem the Inquisitor is one of many Celestials, a race of giants basically made of energy and dressed in futuristic armor. Arison determined whether races deserved to exist, and he and his cosmic companions were directly responsible for the creation of three races through DNA experiments: the Eternals, the protectors of humanity such as Gilgamesh, Taina, and Makari, humanity itself, and the body Outliers. Arisem was responsible for flooding the anomalous population, killing most of them, and ordering his fellow gods to breed humanity.

Is Arishem a cache key or collectible token worth your attention?

Yes, the Arishem is a very good pickup. While I don't think he'll become top-level competitive due to the sheer randomness of his effects, he brings some incredible new and variable stuff to the table Marvel Snapshot This will certainly make him fun to play. I do hope that he will get better and more consistent as more cards are released, although a release in the next month or so won't have much of an impact on him. Regardless, he forms his own archetype that everyone should have in their collection, and I'd even call him the most interesting and impactful card since High Evolution released over a year ago .

These are the best Arishem decks Marvel Snapshot.

Marvel Snap is available now.

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