10 things I loved from the July Ssense sale

There's a magical vibe to the pieces scattered throughout Ssense's sale section that can only be described as “that thing you see in your coolest friend's house and can't stop thinking about.” It's part of the equation, and now that summer is here, we're all about incorporating rainbows into our lives. We dove into the hottest sale items and picked out some of our favorite colorful pieces.

Pink Wave Bowl Set by Fazeek, ​​Ssense


    Pink Bowl


There's no better place to store your cute ice cream scoops. Dishwasher and microwave safe, this set is as practical as it is beautiful.

Red Velasca Acqua Glasses by R+D.LAB, Ssense


    Orange yellow glasses


A standout commenter is that the unexpected silhouette of these drinking vessels doubles as art pieces: This set of two blown borosilicate glassware would look just as good in a kitchen cupboard as it would on a bookshelf (filled with a bit of water and flower buds).

Pink Twister Side Table by Polspotten, Ssense


    Pink Table


No matter how small your space is, a small side table can make any nook or corner even better. At 22 inches high, this pink beauty is the perfect spot for a small stack of books, your favorite plants, or a cup of coffee.

Limited edition yellow curvy micro mirror by Gustav Westmann, Ssense


    Yellow wavy mirror


Gustav Westmann's curved mirror has become synonymous with coveted spaces, and this bright mirror looks best propped up against a shelf or hung on a wall just by the entrance for impromptu hair checks.

Blue Tam Tam stool by Polspotten, Ssense


    Blue table


Nothing is more convenient than a stool for putting on your shoes, but I also love the idea of ​​using it as a snack station during work-from-home days.

Jiu Jie, Ssense Exclusive Purple Baby Knot Cushion


    Purple pillow


Lilac is a color that can be worn all year round and is almost neutral to our eyes. This cylindrical pillow not only provides great lumbar support on the couch, but also makes a great nap companion.

Blue Medium Circle Top 4 Vase (Bzippy, Ssense)


    Blue Vase


Artist Bari Ziperstein is known for stacking different shapes and covering them in bold colors, and this vase is striking enough to stand alone or illuminate with a handful of flowers.

Yield, Ssense green double wall glass


    Green glasses


We all love the little luxuries in life, feeling a little stylish while you stay hydrated throughout the day, and we love the jungle green of this sturdy cup for a monochromatic summer vibe.

Ugly Rugly, Blue & Yellow Amoeba Wreath, Exclusive to Ssense


    Fabric Wreath


Sometimes, when you need to fill up some wall space, a framed photo or poster just isn't enough. The colors woven into this piece of art are stunning, but the explosion of texture is divine.

Green Double Totem Candleholder Set, Tina Vaia, Ssense




Vase or candlestick? The choice is yours! Tip: Perfect for birthday or housewarming gifts.

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