Domino and Lake Image Systems team up to ship 1,000th inspection system

Domino Printing Sciences (Domino), in collaboration with Lake Image Systems, a Domino Group Company, has manufactured and shipped its 1,000th R-Series machine vision inspection system.

Following the acquisition of Lake Image Systems in July 2020, Domino has successfully delivered vision inspection expertise to customers in the manufacturing and digital printing industries through its solutions offerings and the launch of its R-Series machine vision systems. This latest milestone strengthens Domino's capabilities as a specialist provider of fully integrated product printing and label verification systems designed to integrate with Domino's full range of coding, marking and digital printing technologies.

Adem Kulauzovic, Director of Automation at Domino, commented, “As experts in variable data printing, Domino recognizes the importance of product label validation and the value to our customers of reducing complexity by providing a complete end-to-end solution from a single trusted partner. We are proud to announce our latest production milestone as part of our ongoing commitment to 'do more' for our customers.”

As consumer product labeling laws become more stringent, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in your product labeling operations is more important than ever. Yet product printing errors remain common, introducing significant costs and risks into manufacturing.
These errors include undeclared allergens, which are the leading cause of U.S. food and beverage recalls for the fourth consecutive year. In 2023, the number of food recalls in Europe increased by 18.5%. The average cost of a product recall is $10 million.

Martin Keats, managing director of Lake Image Systems, added: “A fully integrated coding and inspection system will help significantly reduce a manufacturer's risk of recalls due to labelling errors, removing the need for manual inspection and reducing the risk of incorrectly printed products leaving the manufacturing floor unnoticed. Domino's strategic relationship with Lake Image Systems puts us in an ideal position to offer a closed-loop quality control solution. These technologies have been developed to work seamlessly with each other and are designed to meet our customers' specific business requirements.”

Domino's recently released addition to the R-Series product line, the R-Series i-Tech, includes high-performance features for demanding applications, increased processing power, the ability to operate two cameras on a single production line for wraparound applications, and advanced software packs.

Tony McNulty, Chief Product Officer at Domino, concludes, “Our relationship with Lake Image Systems and recent developments in our integrated vision systems products have helped us deliver great value to customers in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing sectors, as well as digital print customers who are increasingly leveraging digital technology for variable data printing. This collaboration has always been about doing more, and by combining the strengths of both companies, we are perfectly positioned to deliver innovative solutions that improve efficiency and reduce waste and risk for our customers. We are excited to have achieved this milestone with Lake Image Systems and look forward to continuing to work together to build on our success.”

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