Euro 2024: Which players were banned for Turkey's quarter-final against Netherlands?

As in 2008, Turkey will face the Netherlands in the quarter-final knockout rounds of Euro 2024 to secure a spot in the semi-finals.

In the Turkish team's last group match against the Czech team, a number of Turkish players were shown yellow cards due to a fight that broke out at the end of the game.

This puts Toucre in a complicated situation in the knockout rounds, because according to UEFA Euro 2024 rules, a player will be suspended for one game after receiving two yellow cards.

Here are the players suspended for Turkey's match against the Netherlands:

  • Olkun Cocu

  • Ismail Yuksek

  • Merih Demiral

Cocu and Juksek are suspended for yellow cards, while Demiral faces a two-match ban for political gestures made in the previous game against Austria.

Turkish players who have received yellow cards and are at risk of suspension and possible absence from the semi-finals:

  • Kahn Ahan

  • ughulkankakir

  • Zeki Selik

  • Ardagul

  • Because of Gurnock

  • Because of Mildur

  • Saleh Ozkan

  • Kenan Yildiz

Euro 2024 suspension rules

Yellow card: At the 2024 European Cup, if a player receives two yellow cards, he will be suspended for one game. Likewise, if a player receives four yellow cards, he is suspended for the second time.

(Attachment: All yellow cards are reset and previous warnings are removed at the end of the quarter-final stage, so no player will carry a yellow card into the semi-finals. However, if they reach the quarter-finals for the second time, they will miss the semi-finals. )

red card: In the 2024 European Cup, if a player receives a red card, he will be sent off and automatically suspended for the next game.

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