Domino's Pizza relaunches revamped 'cult-favorite' cheesy garlic bread

Domino's Pizza has relaunched its “cult-favorite” Cheesy Garlic Bread, making it tastier than ever.

According to Domino's Pizza, the new Cheesy Garlic Bread is “more delicious, with stretchy mozzarella cheese and rich, sticky garlic butter that combine to create a bread that's crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy inside.”

This item is one of the most popular menu items across the country, with 3.5 million sold each year.

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“Cheese Garlic Bread is Domino's bread and (garlic) butter,” Alan Collins, chief marketing officer for Domino's ANZ branch, said.

“You can never have too much cheese, which is why we've revamped this cult favorite with our tastiest, stretchiest cheese yet.”

“It's the perfect pizza for lunch or dinner – spreadable, dipped or enjoyed plain for its rich flavour.”

“Or breakfast, whatever you like.”

Domino's Pizza has relaunched its
Domino's Pizza has relaunched its “cult-favorite” Cheesy Garlic Bread and it's tastier than ever. credit: Domino

Domino's Pizza will be running a promotion for the next four weeks to coincide with the renewal.

Customers can purchase two pieces of cheesy garlic bread for just $10 when they use code 915543 at checkout.

The two-piece Cheesy Garlic Bread for $10 deal will be available in all Domino's Pizza stores across Australia and New Zealand for two weeks until July 28th.

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