Conferma partners with Pliant to offer virtual cards

Virtual card provider Conferma has announced a strategic partnership with digital corporate card issuer Pliant to expand the use of virtual cards for business travel payments.

Through this partnership, virtual cards issued by Conferma will be accessible through Pliant's app, enhancing the availability of virtual card options for European travel management companies and online travel agencies. This integration is designed to facilitate seamless connectivity and payments for enterprise customers.

Founded in 2020, Pliant provides app and API-based solutions designed to help businesses issue physical and virtual credit cards, manage expenses and seamlessly integrate with their financial operations. Their platform, Pliant Earth, supports corporate sustainability initiatives by automatically tracking CO2 emissions associated with travel payments and facilitating offsets.

The partnership with Conferma further strengthens Pliant's position within Conferma's global issuance network, which provides online travel agencies around the world with a broad selection of virtual card issuers. Conferma's ecosystem includes integrations with major card networks, more than 150 connected booking platforms and more than 80 card issuers, enhancing business flexibility and choice in payment solutions.

Conferma representatives highlighted the partnership’s alignment with changing travel payment needs and emphasized the importance of flexibility and user choice. Meanwhile, Pliant representatives highlighted the partnership’s potential to enhance payment capabilities in the travel industry, driven by innovative technology solutions.

About the company

Conferma was founded in 2005 and subsequently acquired by Saber in 2022 with additional investment from Mastercard. The company facilitates connections between card issuers, travel management companies, online booking platforms and card issuers, serving more than 50 banking partners around the world.

Since its inception, Pliant has focused on redefining corporate credit card solutions to support business growth through efficient payment processes and comprehensive financial management.

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