Cruise ship passengers shocked by offensive bingo card

A passenger on the P&O Cruise Iron Walk Azura He was surprised to find derogatory “Bingo” cards mocking various guests, according to social media posts. Titled “Cruise Cruise Bingo,” the cards listed objectionable categories such as “wobbly fat guy,” “scary giant tattoo” and “unruly unruly brat.”

The cards were found in cabin filing cabinets and common areas, indicating a widespread prank carried out by a disgruntled passenger. The cards were not part of a targeted attack but mocked a wide range of passengers.

The passenger reported the incident to guest services, but the crew's response was limited to a simple acknowledgment. The lack of action has left many people frustrated and demanding better measures to tackle harassment. The original social media post has now been deleted.

Reddit bingo cardReddit bingo card
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Although the incident involved 3,100 passengers Iron Walk Azura Shockingly, the concept of cruise ship bingo is not new. Similar pranks have been Online forum Even market on platforms like Etsy.

For example, a Reddit post on r/Cruise mentioned various passenger bingo cards, highlighting a broader trend of using these cards to mock or entertain other travelers. These are less shocking, with players looking for passengers who wear socks and sandals or who look like celebrities.

On Etsy, users can purchase printable cruise bingo cards, which often include mock-up categories. The cards sell themselves as humorous, but can easily cross the line into offensive and hurtful territory.

Cruise lines take the safety and comfort of their guests very seriously. When incidents of bullying occur, they have specific procedures and codes of conduct to address and mitigate such behaviour.

For example, Carnival Cruise Line, a sister company of Carnival Corporation's P&O Cruises, has a zero-tolerance policy against any form of harassment, bullying or disruptive behavior.

“All guests are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and considerate manner,” So says the Carnival Code of Conduct. “Behavior that disrupts the lives of others, including harassment and bullying, will not be tolerated.”

Reports of harassment submitted to the Guest Services Desk may be investigated, which may include viewing CCTV footage and interviewing witnesses. Passengers found guilty of bullying may face serious consequences, including being ejected from the ship at the next port of call.

casino bingocasino bingo
Bingo Casino (Photo credit: Kitsada Wasayakul)

P&O Cruises’ own code of conduct states, “Inappropriate behavior of any kind – including gestures, attire, stunts, pranks or language used – is unacceptable while at a cruise terminal, in a shore experience or onboard.”

In response to the discovery of the bingo card, some cruise guests suggested that P&O crew should review CCTV footage to find and denounce the culprit.

The popularity of bingo on cruise ships

Despite these negative uses, bingo remains a popular activity on many cruise ships. Traditional bingo games are usually held in ship lounges and theaters and attract large crowds. P&O Cruises offers bingo at its casino.

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Some cruise lines, such as Virgin Voyages, have added creative twists to classic games, turning them into a variety of entertaining games, such as alcohol bingo and drag queen bingo, designed to provide fun and inclusive entertainment for all guests.

Passengers can often win a variety of prizes when playing shipboard bingo, ranging from trinkets to significant shipboard points and even free cruises.

115,055 gross tons of passengers Iron Walk Azura No date or location for the cruise has been revealed, but the ship is currently homeported in La Valletta, Malta and will sail the Mediterranean during the summer.

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