Fingerprint Cards sells $1M biometric component for FIDO security keys

A FIDO-certified provider of logical access control security keys announced that it has placed a bulk purchase order for fingerprint sensor modules with fingerprint cards valued at more than $1 million.

The unnamed customer is building biometric authentication into its products to enable organizations to avoid password-related cybersecurity breaches. Fingerprint Cards identifies customers only as a global provider of FIDO certified solutions.

That's becoming a model for Fingerprint Cards, which in May announced licensing deals with “large global companies” for biometric wearables. Both agreements mark progress for fingerprint cards as the company shifts its focus from mobile biometrics to other areas such as access control.

“We have recently seen growing demand for biometric logical access solutions, especially FIDO-certified solutions,” said Fingerprint Card CRO Hila Meller. “Zero Trust networks put secure identity at the core of their security controls and drive the need for strong passwordless authentication solutions.”

Earlier this year, Fingerprint Cards' biometric technology was built into a range of FIDO-certified hardware security keys from Insurance India.

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